Master Key Set

Exact duplicate of the master key set used by Model T Ford dealers. It works in the 1919 - 1927 Model T's with the ignition switch on the instrument panel. This set consists of 4 master keys riveted together with the correct brass rivet. Each master key fits 6 Model T Ford ignition locks and are stamped with the key numbers exactly as the original. The first key fits #51 - 56. The second fits #57 - 62. The third fits #63 - 68 and the forth fits #69 -74.
There are only four different shapes to the Model T Ford igition key. The real keys are much thicker and have a slot along the side. The position of the slot determins the specific key of that shape. The master keys are made very thin so as to slid into the ignition switch between the projections which go into the key slots. This allows each key to work in 6 different ignition switches.

Part Number Description
5013-MSTR Master Key Set